Wireless New Year: With a FluxPort gives her your loved ones unlimited mobility and accessibility. Stay in touch, your smartphone battery will keep up. We show you the best gifts tips. And the best: Ordered by December 20, and your gifts will arrive on time

Much traveling by Accu2Go 

Your friends travel a lot and are always on the go? Then the FluxPort Accu2Go would be the perfect gift. Because faltering move the smartphone battery is rarely an outlet nearby. Facilitates daily life with a FluxPort. He invites the smartphone wirelessly.

For couples and families: the FluxPort Home Double

The FluxPort Home Double contrast, is for all couples and families the perfect gift. Once set up home in a place, he invites two smartphones parallel. A sweet idea for couples who can not live without each other and without their smartphone - or for families who have always to the one charging cable wrestled in the living room. 

Cool and extraordinary: the FluxPort Clock 

A clock, an alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker - with integrated wireless charging area! As a genuine all-rounder lets the FluxPort Clock heart of smartphone users a beat. In Smart Wood-Optics in light and dark is a stylish home accessory and the next favorite place for the mobile phone of your recipient. 

Car equipped with Wireless Charging - the FluxPort Car Edition

All motorists can now casually invite her smartphone - without any annoying cables hanging around the coffee mug with the FluxPort Car Edition is available for each type of car, a wireless charging solution - simply select matching FluxPort and pack. Power to you and your loved ones a joy from her every day really have something. 

The precious gift for the smartphone lovers: the FluxPort Steel

In sophisticated look of FluxPort Steel comes under the tree and embellished in the New Year every desk and every dresser. In milled design in black or white, it is the perfect gift for the discerning smartphone lovers. 

Do not forget to choose matching Fluxy 

Do you have your FluxPort gift selected, specifies only the matching Fluxy at - the small receiver for your smartphone, so that the phone really can wirelessly upload. For all iPhone, there are for example a case - once created you can order anywhere wirelessly upload. For Samsung smartphones there are Fluxy stickers. Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, it does not require Fluxy - here the Qi technology is installed to phone. 

And, do not forget: if you order by December 20, the gifts are under the tree in time. So, drop by the online shop. In all matters relating to the matching FluxPort for your mobile phone, we like to help you. 

Merry Christmas wishes you your team FluxPort