Service-Plus for your guests

Drink coffee and charge your Smartphone wirelessly for free

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    Your Location in our App

    Take advantage of the Mobile Marketing of FluxPort. Maximize your range through the FluxPort wireless charging network, and attract new guests.

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    Increase your public image - through an innovative product and a unique Service. Be better than your competitors.

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    Expand your target market

    Every smartphone user has the same problem, regardless of their background, their battery quickly empties. However, you solve the problem, with FluxPort.
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    New customers through wireless charging

    Offer your guests FluxPort to recharge their Smartphones wirelessly for free.

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    Free promotional material

    You get stickers, coasters and table stands that easily tell your guests the principle to use wireless charging. Everything included in the price.

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    Revenue through additional sales

    By offering FluxPort Wireless Charging, you can increase the sales rate of food and drinks. The longer they stay; the more sales you could make.