FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is the Qi standard?

The Qi standard is a universal standard that was established by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This standard regulates the transmission modalities between power stations, the charging device and the energy receiver module using the Qi-protocol.

This ensures interoperability of previously proprietary energy transmission systems. The standard defines also the frequency, power range and the positioning of the transmitter and receiver.

Simply put: Unlike the proprietary wireless solutions, the Qi standard ensures a multi-vendor compatibility between transmitter and receiver. So that different mobile phones can be use the same charger.

 (Qi, pronounced “Chi, is the Chinese word for “life energy”)

How does FluxPort work? 

FluxPort is a wireless smartphone recharger that works accordingly to the Qi standard. These include a charging pad (transmitter) and a Fluxy (receiver). The charging pad is powered continuously and this ensures a resonant inductive coupling between the transmitter and receiver.

After the integration of a Fluxy in a smartphone, the smartphone can be placed on the back of the charging pad and will charge the device.

Where else can I find FluxPort?

FluxPorts are used in the dining areas of restaurants, bars, cafés and even hotels. FluxPort is even used in cars and hair salons. As a result, FluxPort is very accessible outside your home. A Fluxy is all that’s required to use these services, and they’re available wherever you find a FluxPort. Once equipped with a Fluxy, you can charge on any wireless charging device.

How can using FluxPort from home benefit me? 

Cable clutter is a nightmare for everyone, those who want to recharge their phone wirelessly, there is the FluxPort Home range. These also works on the Qi standard and is available in partner venues and the Amazon Store.

How do Fluxys work?

Firstly, there are two different types of Fluxys available; Fluxys for iPhones or smartphones that run on the Android operating system. The iPhone is pushed into a case that includes a Fluxy on the inside, ready for charging. Android devices requires a Fluxy to be integrated in the battery, which takes just a few seconds

The technology behind this? Qi uses a resonant inductive coupling between the transmitter and receiver. Transmitters and receivers exchange data in order to ensure optimal energy transferal. The transmitter modulates the broadcasting field, while the receiver (the Fluxy) uses an RFID-like technique, that is used to transmit data to the transmitter.

How does the app work? And why should we use it?

The FluxPort app is the perfect guide for those who are seeking a convenient and comfortable place from their nearest location, where they can charge their smartphone without a charging cable.

When using the app, the user’s location is determined using GPS and FluxPort locations displayed in the vicinity. Even more information is shown through the app, such as phone numbers of the locations available to you.

This app is aimed at those who are on the road, and their smartphone is losing its battery power. Using this app, you’ll be able to charge your phone in absolute comfort. Whether it’s over a cup of coffee or lunch at a restaurant. 

What can FluxPort do for my business? 

Whether you’re running a small café or a large hotel, Fluxport is the right partner for enhancing your operation. Many guests believe that having permanent mobile access is essential. The FluxPort service encompasses an individual planning phase, we analyse how many FluxPorts for each location would be optimal, how many tables and which tables should be equipped with a FluxPort panel. Furthermore, when installing the most efficient energy supply into account (FluxPort with or without power).

To ensure that everyone learns that your location is offering the FluxPort Wireless Charging service, you will receive stickers and other promotional materials. But most importantly: your business location will be included in the FluxPort app, where your area is shown directly on the map. You extend your reach to your target audience and appear on the screen. Talk to us, we are happy to help you and your business.

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How does FluxPort work with an iPhone? 

To wirelessly charge your iPhone on FluxPort devices, you will need an iPhone compatible Fluxy cover or an iPhone Fluxy case, so that your phone will become Qi-enabled. Qi-enabled phones will mean that you will be able to charge your battery with Qi technology, through the Fluxy case and cover, you can wirelessly charge your phone by placing it onto a device on the FluxPort logo.

How does FluxPort work with a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone? 

Samsung Galaxy smartphones has the Qi technology inside the new models already. Models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has this technology installed already. All you need now is the FluxPort to wirelessly charge your phone.

For other models such as the Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and grade 3 and 4, you will need a Fluxy Film. Fluxy Film will enable your smartphone to be Qi-enabled. You simply switch your phone off and remove the back cover of your phone, stick the film onto the battery and you can charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone wirelessly.

How does FluxPort work with a Google Nexus Smartphone? - Wie funktioniert FluxPort mit einem Google Nexus Smartphone?

The Google Nexus smartphone has Qi technology already integrated from the Nexus 4, so that it’s at the factory standard of it being functional with FluxPort wireless charging. Simply place your Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 onto the FluxPort device, laying it on top of the FluxPort logo.

How does Fluxport work with a Nokia Lumia Smartphone? - Wie funktioniert FluxPort mit einem iPhone?

The Nokia Lumia smartphone has Qi technology already integrated in some of the models already. Models such as the Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia 735, Nokia Lumia 830, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 928 and the Nokia Lumia 930 will have the Qi technology integrated already, meaning you can wirelessly charge your phone with FluxPort.

For other models such as the Nokia Lumia, Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 810, Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 822 or the Nokia Lumia 925; you will need the necessary accessories to make your smartphone Qi-enabled. Then you can wirelessly charge your phone with FluxPort devices.

My Smartphone feels warm whenever I’m charging it. Is that normal? - Ist es normal, dass ein Smartphone beim Ladevorgang warm wird?

Yes, it is normal that your Smartphone will warm up during charging. Energy is transferred through induction and this results in heat. Don’t worry, the heat will not damage or ruin your Smartphone. All products from FluxPort have the necessary licenses and cannot damage your phone.

How should you place your smartphone on a FluxPort? - Wie muss man ein Smartphone auf einen FluxPort stellen, damit es lädt?

The positioning of your smartphone on the FluxPort will vary depending on the model of the smartphone. The receiver (regardless of how it’s been integrated) is always installed in a different position of the smartphone. It is important that the receiver must be situated directly on the transmitter. The transmitter on the FluxPort device will always have the FluxPort logo. A sound will be heard to indicate that your charging has started.

Can the magnetic strip of a credit card get damaged from charging with FluxPort? - Kann durch den Ladevorgang mit einem FluxPort der Magnetstreifen einer Kreditkarte beschädigen?

No, an inductive charging unit will not damage the magnetic strip of a credit card.