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What's FluxPort?

FluxPort is a product of FluxPort GmbH and is a wireless charging station for smartphones. FluxPort allows the wireless charging of smartphones , also to charge your smartphone in cafes and restaurants, and at home. Often the currently popular smartphone models discharged within one day - in the evening threatened an empty battery. FluxPort ended the search for Plugs and charging cables by searching for the nearest location with the FluxPort App to recharge your battery. The Home Edition of FluxPort system enables wireless charging beyond even at home, for instance on your own nightstand.

The Concept

The idea: Like a dog on a leash ...

FluxPort reacts with its Wireless Charging offerings to the short battery life of smartphones. Often these are discharged of average use in less than 12 hours. The search for outlets starts, often forget the charging cable - the cable maintains smartphone users like dogs on a leash. Fluxy, the dog, the FluxPort used in all materials, stands for the abolition of forced and canvas the fun of carefree freedom of movement.

Find FluxPort

With FluxPort smartphone users can their battery in cafes, restaurants, clubs, at the airport or at the hairdresser just go wirelessly recharge. The Wireless Charging stations are available from the commercial and service companies that are part of the Cooperation are FluxPort system. The smartphone users find their locations on the FluxPort App. Using GPS the user's location is determined and the nearest locations for wireless charging on a map shown to him.

Wireless charging with the Qi standard

The FluxPort system consists of the FluxPort itself, a Charging Pad, the smartphone is positioned, and a so-called Fluxy, the receiver. The power transmission takes place in accordance with the Qi standard, a common standard for wireless power transmission, which the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) stipulated. The receiver is integrated depending on the smartphone model as a chip by the user quickly and easily in the smartphone or stands as a thin shell, in which you insert your device, available. Once acquired, the Fluxy can be used indefinitely and used with any FluxPort.

Benefits for Corporate Partners

Mobility and accessibility are now at work, at leisure and at home a habit. The smartphone is an essential part of this. FluxPort offers its Wireless Charging service through a network of corporate partners. Because as a cooperation partner to enjoy all these benefits a location for wireless charging of smartphones.

With the establishment of Wireless Charging in its sites, partners can create a significant additional service for your customers and guests who stay longer and / or consume even more. They also received promotional material for their location, their company is in the FluxPort app listed (Location Boost) and therefore automatically mobile marketing at point of sale and operated in the area.

By the status of the first movers a future technology are FluxPort products and services for smart services. These services ranging FluxPort its partners.

Who is FluxPort?

FluxPort was founded in 2014 by M. Sener Abanozoglu using a team of engineers in Berlin. Abanozoglu has a diploma in electrical engineering and economists even estimated 36 charging cable. During his studies in Berlin, he founded funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology within the framework of the EXIST-founder program Blue On Shop GmbH. Blue on Shop is a full service provider for the realization of interactive mobile marketing and digital signage campaigns.

With central headquarters in the capital, is the first company FluxPort Germany, which established the Wireless Charging approach in cooperation with local and regional companies in the network. About a franchise system FluxPort is also internationally as in Hungary, Austria and Turkey available.

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