The iPhone is the most important product for Apple, if you look at the sales figures. But demand drops noticeably. Complete it the new model to replace the old hype again? We provide some rumors before the iPhone. 7 

The release of the new iPhone will be traditionally in the autumn. The smartphone makes 60 percent of the business and therefore Apple will probably surprise you with big changes this year. The design will probably fundamentally change what one can conclude that Apple has "played" every two years on the design until now. However, it is unlikely that the device size changed compared to the previous model. 

One of the hottest rumors is that Apple will completely renounce this year on the home button. Any control of the smartphone would then occur via 3D touch sensors in the screen. To unlock the iPhones of the fingerprint scanner is then probably placed there. Thereby, the display would have a lot more space. 

Large changes in the display itself can not be expected. The processor, however, will be better as with any new iPhone, a piece, than the previous model. 
The classic headphone box to disappear. Instead, music is to be output via the Lightning port on the bottom of the smartphone. Headphones could then be used with an appropriate adapter. If the headphone box disappears, the opportunity was will there to make the new iPhone 7 completely waterproof. 

And not only that! If this were the case, the Lightning ports frequently would be blocked by headphones, which means that you can not listen to the same charging and music. It would take an alternative charging technology and what lends itself better to a wireless charging ?! Apple could finally make the leap into the world of Wireless Charging and her bräuchtet no more cases, but can your iPhone conveniently lay on a FluxPort to charge it. We will probably have to wait until autumn to Apple tells us whether these rumors are true.