FluxPort was besed on the neighbor stand of USA in Hall 3 at the boot of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There were many stand visitors with an empty battery, who could find helop to charge their smartphones. With our FluxPort Gulf region partners, the NORDWIND Strategy Group and Emirates Future Enterprises, the entire UAE stand was equipped with FluxPort charging stations. All visitors and exhibitors to the UAE stand could charge over the full five days their smartphones wirelessly. 

After the NOAH conferences in Berlin and London and the Internorga Genussgarten in Hamburg we again had the proof how big the battery problem is at such events. Not only the smartphone's batteries of the guests were full, also visitors got information about the home, car and office products for Wireless Charging. 
190,000 visitors came to the Hanover Fair , from the 25th to the 29th of April. Around 5,200 companies, research institutes and universities introduced new products and technologies. 

In this context, another highlight was our 360 degree video for those who could not attend and see the UAE Stand. In the link below the 360 ​​° VR video can be viewed with a VR glasses ... 

For 360 degree Video: https://youtu.be/8EapNY3Yupc